Silvertip strives to promote the safety of employees and those around through multiple levels of safety education.  Over 50% of Silvertip's field personnel have passed OSHA 30 training with 25% being trained in First Aid/CPR.  Silvertip has an established Safety Committee which consists of a rotating panel of field, shop, and office personnel that meet together monthly to discuss potential and current safety topics.  The committee discusses areas for improvement as basic as safety glove sizes to the need for new air monitors or roof harnesses/lanyards.  The committee also reviews current national safety topics, OSHA regulations, and upcoming project activities.  The Safety Committee is chaired by Silvertip's Safety Director.

Silvertip's Safety Director is a full-time position that includes weekly site visits to each project to review a weekly safety topic with the field personnel.  At the toolbox talk the Safety Director also reviews potential on-site hazards, upcoming tasks, safety needs such as lanyards, stantions, refective vests, etc and field questions.  Finally, education continues through the office with bi-montly safety newsletters as well as on-site field discussions.