Lebanon VA Medical Center - Building #19 AHUs

Silvertip was selected as a sub-contractor for the Lebanon VA Medical Center's Building No 19 Air Handler Replacement.  The project consisted of four (4) air handling units; three (3) in the attic/penthouse and one (1) on the roof above the kitchen.  Silvertip furnished and installed the steam, condensate, chilled water supply/return piping and supply, return, relief ductwork.  A steam pressure reducing station was installed in the attic off of existing steam risers to supply both low and medium/high pressure steam.  The low and medium/high pressure steam serves the AHUs as well as humidifers for AC-1 and AC-2 and unit heaters for the attic space.  Fire dampers were installed at the attic floor level between the existing third floor ductwork and new attic ductwork.  Exterior louvers were added at gable opennings for outside and relief air.  The project was completed December 23, 2010.