West Shore District - Cedar Cliff and Red Land HS

Silvertip began the renovation of two high schools in the West Shore District; Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill, PA and Red Land High School in Lewisberry, PA December 2009.  Cedar Cliff and Red Land are both designed around a variable air volume system with hot water reheat local to the space and rooftop air handling units providing outside air for ventilation.  Energy recovery units are also utilized in team locker rooms and showers to capture energy from the air required to be exhausted and exchanged.  Red Land has six (6) energy recovery units, Cedar Cliff has one (1) ERV and one (1) HVU.  The two high schools combine for two hundred forty-four (244) variable ar volume boxes (VAV), fan coil units (FCU) and cabinet unit heaters (CUH) as well as thirty (35) gas-fired and/or direct expansion rooftop units (RTU).  Combined the mechanical systems are over six million dollars with all alternates accepted.

Cedar Cliff High School currently uses a pneumatic air system with steam heating.  The new system will replace some of the pneumatic system with direct digital control while perserving the existing pneumatic system serving existing equipment in place.  Due to the use of steam as the heating service at Cedar Cliff a new steam to hot water heat exchanger is being installed in the boiler room along with base mounted pumps.  The hot water provided from the steam to hot water heat exchanger will be used in the re-heat loop of the VAV.  The project consists sixteen (16) rooftop units (RTU) that are gas-fired or direct expansion.  The RTU modulate the outside air as necessary dependent on occupancy.  Designated high occupancy locations have additional control with CO2 monitors installed in the RTU.

Red Land High School currently uses a pneumatic air system with hot water heating.  The new system will replace some of the pneumatic system with direct digital control while also perserving the existing pneumatic system serving the existing equipment in place.  Since the Red Land High School already has hot water available the services for the VAV boxes re-heat coil will be branched from the existing mains.  In order to provide the necessary capacity existing unit ventilators are being removed and variable frequency drives (VFDs) are being added to the pumps to provide variable flow.  The project consists of nineteen (19) rooftop units (RTU) that are hot water or direct expansion.  The RTU provide the required outside air for ventilation with designed unit equipped with CO2 monitors to increase the outside air if necessary.

Cedar Cliff consists of an entire building renovation as well as additions for a Library and Cafeteria.  Red Land consists of an entire building renovation as well as additions for the Offices, Classrooms, and Cafeteria.  Both projects started the additions first in the spring of 2010; renovation also began on second shift with the majority of areas scheduled for summer/fall of 2010.  As of February 2010 Silvertip is working on the 2nd Floor of each building review existing mechanical systems, investigating coordination conflicts, and installing ductwork and pipe where available. More photos and updates will be posted as the project progresses.

Update September 1, 2010

Prior to the start of school Silvertip along with I B Dickinson set all thirty-five (35) Rooftop Units in only four days; two days per school to alleviate lay down congestion on-site and prevent interference with classes during the fall semester.  Over the summer of 2010 the Cedar Cliff Library addition and Red Land Office, Classroom, and Cafeteria addition were completed as well as the first phase of classrooms renovations begun at each school.  Silvertip also completed the ductwork and RTU renovations for the Cedar Cliff Auditorium and Gymnasium and Red Land Gymansium during the summer of 2010.

Update October 15, 2010

The Cedar Cliff Cafteria was turned over last week completing the additions at both schools.  Rooftop units were also started and checked prior to "heating season".  Red Land has completed two of eight classroom renovation phases; Cedar Cliff has completed five of ten classroom renovation phases with the majority of VAV low pressure ductwork and hydronic piping already complete.

Update November 18, 2010

Completion of the ductwork and rooftop connections for the Red Land Auditorium complete all general purpose spaces for both Cedar Cliff and Red Land.  The focus for the next few months will be the completion and turnover of general classroom spaces.  The project is projected to complete in the spring of 2011.