Barnes and Noble at Bucknell University Bookstore

The corner of 4th and Market Street in Lewisburg, PA is the home of Barnes and Noble at Bucknell University Bookstore.  The historic building previously occupied by C. Dreisbach's Sons Hardware Store provides 29,500 square feet for text books, Bucknell apparel, study, and traditional Barnes & Noble merchandise as well as a cafe and lecture space while maintaining the history of both the building and University.  Previously the Bucknell Bookstore was located in Bucknell's Elaine Langone Center on the ground floor.

Silvertip performed as a design professional for the project and also the performing mechanical/plumbing contractor.  Dealing with a historic building provided two unique challenges for both the design and construction phase.  We were met with designing a system that blended into the surrounding aesthetics while also maintaining a small footprint to not impose upon usable space.  Silvertip designed the spiral supply ductwork on the front portion of the building to fit between existing steel joists.  This both helped hide the ductwork from sight as well as increase the amount of usable space below the steel joists.  Architectural elements of painting the ductwork black and partially concealing with stained cherry wood clouds help cover the ductwork and divert attention.   On the back portion of the building where the ceilings are higher Silvertip designed and installed large spiral supply ductwork with air craft cable.   The large ductwork provides an industrial look while the air craft cable prevents the look of unslightly hangers and supports.  The return ductwork is a mixture of floor level wall mount grilles and hidden returns.  For example, the book shelves that run along the interior building wall on the 1st and 2nd Floor have small gaps both at the top and bottom shelf that allow air to pass through a plenum space to ductwork openings below the floor and behind the wall.  Major mechanical equipment such as the chiller and energy recovery unit are located on the roof behind an architectural screen wall which prevents visability from both the skylight and street. 

Location of the chiller and energy recovery unit on the roof also aid in reducing the footprint of the mechanical system on usable space.  The two primary air handler units are located in the basement with ductwork serving the front portion of the building as well as the 1st Floor of the back portion.  Ductwork to the 1st Floor at the back of the building is installed in an underground chase.  Meanwhile the 2nd and 3rd Floor at the back of the building are served by two dedicated air handling units installed on platforms above the bathrooms of each respective floor.  By locating the major equipment in the basement or on the roof Silvertip was able to have only the necessary mechanical chases for ductwork and pipe impact the building layout in lieu of needing additional interior or exterior space.  Silvertip also designed and installed the plumbing system which included new roof drains, men and women bathrooms, and cafe rough-in. 

Renovation of the building completed in May 2010 with the opening of Barnes and Noble at Bucknell University Bookstore on June 26, 2010.