Cumberland County Maintenance Garage

PennDOT is adding a maintenance garage with office space at their Middlesex Township location.  The project is four prime, new construction, through the Department of General Services (DGS).  The project started in the winter of 2010 and is scheduled to be complete in the spring of 2011.  The Maintenance Garage includes offices, conference rooms, training rooms, vehicle service bays, a vehicle welding bay, and a vehicle wash bay.  Silvertip was awarded the 0.3 Plumbing contract for the Project.

Aside from the office space the maintenance garage is separted into three sections; vehicle wash bay, vehicle welding bay, and vehicle service bays.  The Vehicle Wash Bay includes a thermal pressure washer and under carriage washer.  The thermal pressure washer system is located in a small mechanical space adjacent to the vehicle wash bay with hose and nozzle assemblies mounted to the wall to be used as hand wands.  The under carriage washer is also located in the small mechanical space adjacent to the vehicle wash bay with the nozzle system located in a trench centered in the bay.  Photoelectric sensors mounted at the entrance and exit of the bay operate the under carriage washer.  The Vehicle Welding bay is located between the wash bay and service bays.

The majority of the maintenance garage is composed of five (5) vehicle service bays.  Services to the bays includes grease, synthetic gear oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and motor oil through stainless steel tubing. The services are provided through a network of localized air transfer pumps and storage tanks in a dedicated mechanical room.  Hose reels to provide the services are located at three of the five service bays.  Dedicated waste sinks for waste oil, waste automatic transmission fluid, and waste hydraulic fluid transport the waste fluids to holding tanks outside the building.  In addition to the special services, compressed air and domestic water drops are located around the inside perimeter of the building with compressed air also available at the hose reels.  Compressed air also serves a truck hoist in Bay 2.  Finally, natural gas piping is installed to fuel equipment that heats the service bays as well as the welding bay and wash bay.