PA Farm Show Complex Renovations & Upgrades

Silvertip worked with the Department of General Services (DGS) as one of four primes on the PA Farm Show Complex Renovations & Upgrades.  Silvertip served as the 0.3 Plumbing Contractor for the Project.  Our scope of work consisted of the complete renovation of six (6) group restrooms, new water coolers in the Maclay Lobby, gas piping for an air handler, replacement of existing floor drains, and sump with piping for the new elevator installed in the Maclay Lobby; in addition we held the contract for the sprinkler sub-contractor for revisions throughout the Complex.  The restrooms to be renovated were the Northwest Hall, 2nd Floor Maclay East, and 2nd Floor Maclay West.  The project schedule required Silvertip to be on and off site as work dictated with the majority of rough-in done in August 2010.  The project completed on December 30, 2010.